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What spreadsheets do in 3 weeks, CrossVal does in 4 minutes 10 seconds.

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We're named after the machine learning technique of 'cross-validation' which ensures the reliability of predictions by testing them in various ways, without using the original data.


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Traditional finance teams spend 80% of their time on low-value tasks* that drive only 20% of the results. CrossVal automates those tedious 80% tasks, freeing teams to focus on the 20% of high-impact activities that generate 80% of the value*Mapping transactions, Data Entry, Managing spreadsheets and formulae, budgets vs actuals

Our Solution

What spreadsheets do in 3 weeks, CrossVal does in 4 minutes 10 seconds


CrossVal performs the same tasks that typically take spreadsheets three weeks to complete in just four minutes and ten seconds.

Time Saving

The Massive Problem

80% of the effort is wasted in formulae, formatting, managing versions, fixing errors.With CrossVal, do none of that and focus all your attention on analyzing and strategizing your numbers and let CrossVal do the crunching.

The problem we solve

Early stage companies

Create quick, accurate forecasts and valuations without wasting valuable founder time, speeds up your fundraise and operations without fancy consultants or CFOs.

Mid-Size Players

Empower your CFO, FP&A team, analysts by focusing their time on analysis while CrossVal automates everything else.

Large Enterprises

Build custom workflows, connect existing software, use advanced statistical analysis, the applications are endless!

Completely hassle-free

We’re always available if you need expert advice!

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Step 1


Speak to one of our expert analysts, tailor the financial model to your specific business. Integrate with your existing services.

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Step 2


Your models update as your business grows and evolves. The platform provides insights as your business grows!

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Step 3

Continued Support

All numbers are kept up to date, be it a fundraise, an audit or even if you’re just curious about your runway/metrics.

Opening up a whole new world of possibilities

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CrossVal AI can:

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Write up financial reports for effective decision-making

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Compose investor updates that keep stakeholders informed

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Draft loan applications that get approved

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Create content for financial slides on your pitch deck

Us vs Excel vs Competitors

Financial StatementsCompetitors provide  Financial StatementsCompetitors provide  Financial StatementsYou cannot  manually handle Financial Statements
Comprehensive Financial ModelingCompetitors provide  Comprehensive Financial ModelingCompetitors provide  Comprehensive Financial ModelingYou cannot  manually handle Comprehensive Financial Modeling
Valuations/Metric TrackingCompetitors provide  Valuations/Metric TrackingCompetitors do not provide  Valuations/Metric TrackingYou can  manually handle Valuations/Metric Tracking
Investor Reporting/MatchmakingCompetitors provide  Investor Reporting/MatchmakingCompetitors provide  Investor Reporting/MatchmakingYou cannot  manually handle Investor Reporting/Matchmaking
CFO ToolsCompetitors provide  CFO ToolsCompetitors do not provide  CFO ToolsYou cannot  manually handle CFO Tools
IntegrationsCompetitors provide  IntegrationsCompetitors provide  IntegrationsYou cannot  manually handle Integrations
MENA specific dataCompetitors provide  MENA specific dataCompetitors do not provide  MENA specific dataYou cannot  manually handle MENA specific data
FP&A Infrastructure for CorporatesCompetitors provide  FP&A Infrastructure for CorporatesCompetitors provide  FP&A Infrastructure for CorporatesYou cannot  manually handle FP&A Infrastructure for Corporates
AI EnabledCompetitors provide  AI EnabledCompetitors provide  AI EnabledYou cannot  manually handle AI Enabled

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our amazing customers who are automating their finances.

CrossVal has made the difference between trying to have a financial model and being the masters of our financial strategy. Over the year we have been a partner, the learning and insight has in itself been worth twice the platform cost, and we are happy to pay it.

Zohare Haider

Founder & CEO - Jalebi


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